Our services

Tutorat-Est offers in-home tutoring services for students in grades 1-12 attending French schools and French immersion programs. Your child may need help to feel confident about getting better grades and reaching his/her academic potential.

We provide the following support:

  • Homework support,
  • Improvement of study and learning skills,
  • Remedial classes in maths, reading, writing and science.
  • French classes for adults.


1) Meeting tutor, student, parent
We begin the process with an academic assessment of the student. An academic advisor meets with you to answer your questions and evaluate the student’s strengths and learning style. This evaluation also helps us to pinpoint the student’s needs, so that we can develop the right game plan to help him/her succeed. After the evaluation we prepare an intervention plan for the student with goals that are meaningful, measurable, achievable and realistic for a given time frame. Subsequently, this plan is discussed with the parents. Once accepted, this plan is part of our commitment.

2) Planning our intervention
Depending on the needs identified and objectives of the plan, a qualified tutor is assigned to the student. Tutorat-Est uses the information from the assessment to monitor each student’s progress along the way.

3) Intervention and evaluation
At the end of the session, the student is evaluated to see his/her achievements. This assessment allows Tutorat-Est set new goals for the next session.