About us

Our mission
It is to provide a complementary support to students who need to achieve their academic success.

Our staff

Our team consists of Ontario certified teachers as well as qualified university and college students who are familiar with the educational field and come from a variety of academic backgrounds. Our tutors are extremely qualified. Most of them are members in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers, they are all familiar with the Ontario curriculum and the Ministry of Education of Ontario guidelines.

Forbin Saturné, B. Éd., M. Sc., OCT,
Forbin is an experienced teacher, specializing in special education. He has had the opportunity to work for several French school boards in Ontario. His experience includes teaching French as a second language. During the past six years, he has also worked as a French teacher for some language schools. He is proud to have contributed to the language training of several management staff members from different levels of government and other institutions in the National Capital Region.